Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Partiers

While both movements are characterized by distributed (or non-existent) leadership and therefore unfocused objectives, that does not mean the movements are not driven by consistent political philosophies.

In general, the Tea Partiers philosophy is Capitalism - AKA free markets, free enterprise. i.e. economic freedom. This is why they've been embraced by Libertarians and most conservatives.

For Occupy Wall Streeters, on the other hand, the overriding philosophy is one of anti-capitalism. i.e. economic slavery, which puts them squarely within the Regressive movement.

Note that both the Tea Partiers and the OWSers have considerable dislike for Wall Street - Tea Partiers because of the proliferation of "crony capitalism", and OWS because of insufficient levels of crony capitalism (i.e. government control).

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