Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Using "Single Payer" to ban abortion?

Imagine you're a guest on "Real Time with Bill Maher", and the discussion turns to government run health care.

And so you ask the audience "Who's in favor of 'Single Payer'?", and of course they scream enthusiastically in approval.

Next, you ask "Who knows exactly what 'Single Payer' involves?" Probably about half will nod in the affirmative.

'Single Payer' means single payer, meaning that the Federal Government will pay all health care costs. "YES!".

And that it will be ILLEGAL to go outside this system.

"Well, okay I guess".

And since the Federal Government pays all the bills, the Federal Government sets the rules about which services they will provide. "Sounds fair".

And a government panel, appointed by the President, will decide upon these rules.
So in effect, President Obama is controlling your health care.

"I'm cool with that."

And if George W. Bush were president, he would also effectively control your health care.

"Holy crap!!!"

The post demonstrates several concepts:

1) Regressives, who favor a strong central government, are basing this position to a large degree on emotions, and are not thinking one step ahead.

2) Their position is inconsistent with multiparty democracy, where power, once concentrated, can be turned around and used by your political opponents in ways that you may dislike enormously.

3) For social conservatives, this is probably the only way that abortion will ever banned, or even strongly limited, on a nationwide basis. Overturning  Roe vs. Wade would only turn control back to the states, where perhaps only a handful would take strong action.

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